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“I hired Sean Druyon several years ago to handle my car accident case. He met me at my house which was so nice of him to do since I was in no shape to drive after totaling my car. He was very pleasant and took time to listen to how I crashed my car and explained to me what the process would be like and what he estimated the recovery would be. His team helped me recover by hooking me up with some physical therapists in his network, in addition to a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Sean’s firm then kept my medical providers at bay so they would stop hounding me so I could focus on my healing instead of defending myself against the collection agencies hired by the hospitals.

Sean helped me recover and reach maximum medical improvement, and after obtaining a permanent impairment rating, Sean was instrumental in negotiating a mid-six-figure award. I couldn’t have been happier. Sean made me feel dignified the entire time.”



“Sean Druyon and his firm handled my case and I must say I would highly recommend them to anyone that has suffered a personal injury, especially a car crash. I was walking alongside my bike in the winter and a Wells Fargo truck hit me, causing me to lose consciousness. I was life-flighted to the hospital and I thought I was going to die.

I went through pretty intense rehab but, in the end, I had some permanent disabilities. Sean and his staff were wonderful to work with. They were so patient and flexible. I managed to get myself in some criminal trouble while I was living in Idaho and Sean and his staff even came up to the jail that housed me just to show their support for me. He ended up getting me a six figure settlement. I was thrilled with the result.”


“My wife and I hired Sean Druyon to help us collect from a neighbor that had a vicious Pit Bull and an aggressive Boxer dog that got out of their cage and attacked me as I was putting out our garbage. I sustained dozens of stitches and have developed PTSD symptoms as a result. Sean and his firm helped me obtain a judgment against the owners of these dogs for five times what my medical bills came to for my pain and suffering. Thanks Sean. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.”


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